Thursday, February 28, 2013

Two Jacks

Cory's Joy School took a field trip to Two Jacks Pizza, where Jack himself taught the kids all about making pizzas. They learned how to prep the veggies and cheese, but their favorite part was watching Jack throw the dough.
 I'm having visions of Cory throwing food into the air. Jack forgot the "do not try this at home" clause.
 Uh oh... this one ripped, so Jack put it on Cory's head. Of course Cory thought that was the coolest thing ever. I'm pretty sure him and Jack are BFFs now.
As cool as Jack was, he couldn't compete with the pretty girl in the 4 year old class.

It was a fun trip for the kids, and I surprisingly didn't mind eating Pizza at 10am in the morning.

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myboys said...

Supper darling posts Jessica. I could just eat those boys up. If you ever want to go out on a date in Ogden I'd love to have you drop them by and I'd babysit! :)
p.s. Pizza places have been some of our favorite preschool field trips. So fun!