Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pig Huntin'

The week of Thanksgiving, Kevin had some time off work and took Cory "hunting" with his Red Ryder BB gun. Cory takes it very seriously. On the way up the canyon they stopped at a gas station, where Cory told the cashier he was going to go hunt mean pigs. Not the nice ones, but the mean ones with horns and red eyes. When he came home he told me they didn't see any, but that they shot a lot of rocks. I love his imagination and enthusiasm.

Hubba Lova

Just because this blog doesn't have enough pictures of this kid.....

Sometimes I run into things at the store with my cart because I'm too busy taking his picture. They're going to make a no texting/picture taking while shopping law because of me.

Maybe he'll grow up to be a kicker like his Uncle Jeremy. He definitely has the legs. ;)

Mortician, Actor, Comedian?

Cory is the coolest kid I know. Seriously. Even as a three year old he is so passionate about so many things. Sometimes Kevin and I discuss what we think he'll grow up to be and we always agree that he will be something awesome. You can't be as fun and outgoing as he is and not be destined for awesomeness. The kid can tell you about all of the organs, and what they do, and today in preschool he drew a picture of some pink lungs. Did I mention that he is 3?

 This picture makes me laugh. Cory is making faces at the horse.

 Cory's Joy School Class

 Cory is so outgoing and really gets into all of his school games and songs.

Package from Papa W

Cory already loves his Papa W, but love may not be a strong enough word after this package arrived. My dad sent Cory this big skeleton and packaged it with bags of cotton candy. Ever since my dad took Cory to the fair and bought him cotton candy last year, Cory is always asking my dad to buy him cotton candy. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Run Mama Run!

Before I had Mason, I ran a few 5ks and used running as a cheap way to exercise. It started as a last resort way to get a work out in without a gym membership, but it turned into something I enjoyed. I started walk/jogging when Mason was 5wks old and have been semi-consistent since. I ran my first post-baby 5k the Saturday before Thanksgiving and it was my favorite race ever. I was minutes off of my fastest time, but I didn't go into it trying to PR. I ran the same slow pace (each split was within 5 seconds of each other) the entire race and had an amazing play list on my iPod. This particular race was to build awareness of the dangers of smoking and to support those who have quit and are trying to quit. They had signs up all around the course with facts on smoking. As I ran, I was a wee bit emotional with gratitude for my healthy body and that I am able to run. I've worked for years to get to where I am with running. Although it's nothing to brag about (I'm really slow), I feel a deep sense of accomplishment. I will always remember my first "runs" where a mile seemed impossible and now 3 miles seems pretty easy. I'm proud of my progress.
My goal is to increase my speed back up to where it was before pregnancy, and to break through my 6 mile mental block. I would love to run a 10k one day... like next year. I guess I better get to work. : )

Friday, November 23, 2012

Gobble Gobble

I'm all about being thankful, but I've never been a big lover of Thanksgiving. I'm not a fan of the food (Sorry but it's true... I don't love pie, cranberry sauce or stuffing.) and until they make chocolate chip cookies and ice-cream a staple at Thanksgiving I don't know if I'll ever love it. With that said, this was one of my favorite Thanksgivings. Maybe it was because I have the cutest boys in the universe? Maybe it was because I baked chocolate chip cookies and brought them as part of of my food contribution? Who knows. :)

In SC my family has a tradition of shooting on Thanksgiving morning. I've tried to bring that tradition with me and we had a lot of fun.

Trisha and Cory

Trisha working the holster.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Breaking Dawn Pt. 2

I love the Twilight series of books and have read them numerous times. I realize that they aren't these deep or inspiring books that make you smarter or better, but they are perfect for me when I want an escape. The movies have gotten progressively more tolerable; however, I LOVED Breaking Dawn Pt 2.
The big news here isn't about the actual movie, but is about who I went to the movie with.

These two smiling faces! Mason and Cousin Sara (visiting from BYU-I)

I still can't believe I did it...I have always been judgmental of those who take their babies to movies. (Get a babysitter for crying out loud!!) But as I often do in this role of parenthood, I ate my words. Mason won't take a bottle and I REALLY wanted to see this movie. Then again, Mason just isn't any baby. He is basically a perfect baby (besides the not taking a bottle deal) and he didn't disappoint at the movie theater either. He sat on my lap for the first part of the movie and quietly watched, and then I put him in his carrier and he slept through the second half. The only time he made a peep was when the audience laughed - he thought he better giggle too.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mason ~ 5 Months

I can't believe it's been 5 months since I first laid eyes on this precious little guy. He is such a little butter ball of happiness. If you're ever having a down day, just drop by my house and I promise 5 minutes with Mason will turn that frown upside down. 

This picture is a fabulous representation of their relationship. Mason thinks Cory's antics are hilarious.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Nightmare Before Christmas?

There is something magical about the first snow of the year.  I even found myself feeling a bit giddy and excited about it. We realized Cory didn't have any winter/snow boots. (parent fail) We just did it the SC way and put that boy's feet in some Wal-mart bags. It was fun to watch Kevin and Cory build a snowman together. They even put Jack the Pumpkin King pumpkin on top.