Thursday, December 22, 2005

Find positive in all situations????

On my way home from the airport I went on and on to mom about how excited I was to see and ride my horse Crystal. Before we made it home I found out Crystal had been in an accident and her leg was tore up. My heart sank. I loaded her up and hauled her to the vet. To work on her leg he had to put her to sleep and it was hard watching her go down. Seeing your 1300lb baby scared and in pain, and then collapse is emotional; however, I loved watching him sew the muscle and dermis up. She was so cute when she eventually tried to stand after surgery. Still dopey, her lip hung and she swayed back and forth on wobbly legs. Looks like no riding for me.....
Digging for positive perspective.....Atleast it happened when I can be here to take care of her.

Home again home again.....

-Red-eye flight home for Christmas
-Shared conversation with a guy from Australia (American and Australian politics, jargon, food, and culture)
-Proved Murphy's law true over and over again (examples- bring coat on plane and sweat like a whore in church/ don't bring coat on plane and muscles ache from shivering for 5 straight hours, or how about book flight with a 1 hour lay over and plane will arrive late missing your connection/ book flight with a 6 hour lay over and your connecting flight will be delayed for hours)

Friday, December 2, 2005