Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Good-bye 2006!

1/2/06 oops I mean 1/2/07
Welcome 2007!
I was reading through my journal on my plane ride back to Utah. What a crazy year! I went on some fun trips (Moab, Zion, Goblin Valley, San Rafael Swell, AZ, NM, WY, ID, FL, SC, NC etc…), I moved Dollar up from AZ, descended my first class C canyons, got a chance to be an assistant canyoneering guide, purchased my first mountain bike, learned to ride in powder, learned to ride regular and goofy on my board, hitch hiked numerous times, experienced my first aneurism, got to wear a neck brace, ran up Y mountain, threw up on Y mountain, went through 10 roommates, moved twice, went white water rafting without a guide, slept on the sand by the Virgin River all alone, didn’t fall off a horse, get bitten by a horse, or kicked by a horse all year long, bought my first Australian saddle, landed my first salaried position, received flowers from a guy I liked, attended my grandpa’s 100 birthday party, made my first batch of rice krispy treats ever, danced on a table, slept in my car, did not get a parking or speeding ticket, I did laugh so hard I peed my pants, I cut my own hair, raced a train on Dollar, went running bare back through hay fields, jumped off cliffs, went sea kayaking, went surfing, napped by the ocean, went to Disney World, met lil’ Lexi and Nicholas, I’ve been happy, I’ve been sad…..I could go on for quite a while! 2006 was amazing and I can’t wait to make 2007 even better!