Saturday, September 29, 2012

Muffin Feet

I grew up hearing the "muffin feet" story. When I was little and really chubby, my Grandpa Whitesell told me I had muffin feet. I responded, "they're not muffin feet; they ain't got no raisins." Now I have my own little muffin foot baby. Every time I look at those cute feet I think about my Grandpa Whitesell and wish he could love on this chubby baby. 

Bones are Back!

Grandma Bird resurrected bones, and this time he came with a mini me version of himself! 

Post of Pictures

Big boy 
First time in the Bumbo

Home-done haircuts

Cory learned how to cross his eyes

Mason totally gets Cory's humor.

Already buddies

Save me mom!

Don't we just look tired and old in this picture? Sigh.

What better way to end this post than with this cutie?

Fall in Utah

We drove part of the Nebo Scenic Loop last weekend, and it was absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't believe how vibrant the colors were. We stopped and hiked to the Grotto up Payson Canyon and then had a picnic lunch. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

3 months of Chubby Lovey

In some ways I can't believe Mr. Chubby Lovey is already 3 months old, but I mostly feel like I can't remember him not being in my life. Mason is such a sweet and calm baby and I absolutely adore him. I can always count on him for a big smile or a snuggle. He loves to be held, but is also content to just sit in his bouncy chair (or where ever) and watch the happenings around him. Now that he's a little older, he has a harder time sleeping "on the go" and prefers his bed. He's started waking up in the early morning hours (around 4am) for a quick feeding and cuddle, but always goes right back to sleep. He thinks Cory is the coolest thing ever and loves playing with him. 

We be rollin'

I finally got a double jogging stroller! It may not sound that exciting, but I promise this news is life changing (for me at least). I don't have a gym membership and have chosen to do all of my workouts with my kids in tow. I'm getting pretty sick of doing Zumba and workout videos, so adding running back into the rotation is pretty much sanity saving. Having the boys with me while exercising is not always fun or easy, but I feel good about saving the money and not having to leave them. When I'm out of the "baby" stage, maybe I'll become a real grown up and have a fancy gym membership with daycare and all, but for now I get to push this beast of a stroller around. Luckily these two handsome boys love it.

Provo Temple~ Family Outing

Kevin and I have missed going to the temple lately and decided that we would at least go and walk around the Provo Temple grounds. We were able to focus on our Savior and teach Cory about being a forever family. I took our wedding album and we were able to look through the pictures and remember our special day. 

Fat face baby! I love it!