Sunday, June 30, 2013

Swim Lessons

Cory took 2 weeks of swim lessons this summer. It was  quite the experience. There were lots of tears, screaming and bribes, but we somehow survived. He decided he did not like going under the water and it was quite the battle getting him to put his face under the water. At times I felt like we were wasting our time and money, but I think it helped get him over a big fear. He screamed much less the last day than the first. 


 Mason wanted in the pool and Cory wanted OUT! Funny how that worked out.

What we do when we're not vacationing

We spend time on porch swings
 Get cool at the pool
Cuddle and nap

Check out this little man's tan
And of course we eat a lot of ice cream with all of our favorite people.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mason turned one. I cried.

I still can't believe Mason isn't a baby anymore. He is sure to remind me every day, by doing more and more big boy things. He is much more opinionated now and loves to keep up with Cory. He has a good appetite, especially for pastas, pizza and all things dairy. 
 He was climbing up on things before he could walk.

 He got to have a second party once we were back in Utah. He didn't mind.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pirates Voyage Show

Cory still talks about going to the Pirates Voyage dinner show from when he was 2. We decided to take him and Mason and it was a really fun show. They both were mesmerized the entire time. We took these fun pictures after the show. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mason's Birthday Bash at the Beach

We miss celebrating so many milestones with my family, so it was fun to be with them on Mason's 1st birthday. He was really into everybody singing to him and was all business eating his cake. He didn't waste any time poking a finger in the icing. He immediately started breaking off pieces and eating it.

 This was right before he reached out and smeared icing on Cory's face. All the cousins laughed so hard.

There was no shortage of help feeding Mason his bottles all week. He was a good sport about letting all his cousins hold him.

Monday, June 24, 2013

SC trip continued

Traveling with children is no easy feat. These days with epiderals and such, I think childbirth is actually easier than flying across country with my two kiddos. I started packing days in advance. When I went to pack Cory, I realized he already had it covered:
 We took red-eye flights and they were rough. I thought the kids would sleep, but I don't know what I was thinking. My kids hardly sleep in their dark rooms with their fans, security blankets, sippy cups etc. (The no sleep trend continued the entire trip, but that is nothing new.)
Once we made it to SC, we spent a couple hours at my parents house and then drove the 4+ hours to the beach.
Cory holding one of the "presents" I gave him on the plane:
Mason was glad to be out of his carseat:
 We made it!
 Grandma playing a game with Cory:

 Mason's first trip to Bojangles:

 My dad trying to feed Mason his first gravy biscuit.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mason the Gymnast

Ain't he pretty. This little guy is really starting to get use to his body. The chub is starting to melt away and he is on the go!
He loves to copy Cory and the other cousins, by doing "somersaults". He never makes it past this position, but he is so proud of himself. 
 He's also figured out how to climb up on things. Life just got a lot more exciting around here.
Here he is exploring in the doctor's office.
 He has been my happy little guy since the moment I met him.