Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bye Bye Bones II

 One morning Cory and I were engaged in the same battle we fight atleast once every single day. I was trying to get Cory to get dressed. He is pretty obsessed with one specific pair of pajamas ~ Bones Pajamas II. And yes these pjs deserve a capitalized title in our house. I was so exhausted with this reoccurring power struggle, that I did something awful to Bones Pajamas. (Now before you start to fret, don't worry. I almost totally redeemed myself. )
I had finally gotten Cory dressed in play clothes and on impulse took a pair of scissors and cut up each side of Bones Pajamas' sides.  I immediately felt sick. I showed them to Cory and said, "Uh oh honey. Bones Pajamas fell apart. You wore them all the way out."
What came next was the saddest thing I've ever seen. Cory was crushed. He wouldn't let me even try to touch him to console him. I tried to stay strong, but things just started coming out of my mouth. Things like, "I'll buy you a new pair when it's Halloween time." and "I'll make them into a pillow." Since Halloween was months away, he agreed to let me attempt a pillow. I'm no seamstress, but in my desperation I came up with a pretty cool pillow. I didn't have stuffing, so it's full of old mismatched socks. I never want to see my little Cory Boy that heart-broken ever again.

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