Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The big 2-6

Back in mid May, we celebrated my 26th birthday. Usually I'm so excited for my birthday, but this year my thoughts have been on a different "Birth" day.
I also couldn't resit putting up this picture of handsome Kevin and little Miss Sadie Chihuahua.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Anxiously awaiting...

With three days until the "due date" we can't help but feel anxious and impatient. We are preparing for our little guy to be late, just to better handle the disappointment of the due date coming and going. We still are full of hope that our little guy will make his appearance sooner than later. Mom Whitesell flew in on Monday and we are enjoying spending time with her. Aimee and Heather will be here Wednesday for a few day visit. Our house is completely ready for the baby, and the hospital bag is packed. We know our lives are about to drastically change and it is the most exciting and scary feeling on earth.
The weather in Utah is beautiful right now and Kevin and I just spent the morning up Maple Canyon hiking around. We really enjoyed spending some time together and appreciating the beautiful world around us. We are in a truly amazing stage of our lives. We know the trials of life must be right around the corner, but things seem so perfect, so calm, so surreal right now. With that said, I don't know why on earth we are being so impatient for the future, because the present is truly wonderful.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Girl Time

Last night I had a few friends over for dinner, and it was just what I needed. We ate, laughed and chatted the night away. Meleana and Darah brought their new baby boys who are 5 and 7 weeks old. It was so fun to hold them, and I can't wait for them to meet my little guy.

Kahiki, Meleana and Darah:

Kahiki holding her new little nephew:

The Homefront

Here are a few of the camera phone pictures I've recently received from the homefront~

Cute little girls:

Ready for Myrtle Beach:

Enjoying the Shoney's buffet:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Baby Bird needs a name

Disclaimer: Kevin and I have no clue what we will end up naming this baby. We may not use any of these names, but it will be fun to see what people think!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

2009 NBA Drive to the Finals

You'll have to click on the picture to really see it, but I'll fill you in.
I'm currently ranked 353 in the nation in the 2009 Drive to the Finals NBA Fantasy Basketball league. I have 660 points so far and am in the 98% overall percentile. Funny thing is...I don't really like NBA basketball all that much. I don't follow the games or the players. In fact if my co-workers didn't tell me that being ranked 353 in the nation was good...I would have no clue. My player picks are mere guesses (with some guidance from a co-worker), but I seem to be on a roll. Hey...maybe I'll actually win the $25,000 towards the car!

Only 3 more weeks

I had my 37 week check up this week, and learned I am 50% effaced, but have not started to dilate yet. The baby is at a -2 station. I was a bit disappointed to not be dilated at all, but at least I'm effacing. I'm trying to appreciate the final weeks of this pregnancy and feel guilty when I complain about it. I really have had it easy. I love feeling his movements, even when his hiccups keep me awake at night, or when I feel like he is pushing against my skin so hard that he may actually thrash his way out of me. I love talking to him when no one else is around. I'm constantly praying for his well being. I'm feeling really great for being this far along, but am growing more and more anxious to meet him. I’m consumed with how life will be in a few weeks from now, and I love to just stand in the nursery and look at all of the baby stuff. I day dream about holding him, dressing him, feeding him, rocking him and even changing all of those inevitable diapers. It's amazing how much I already love him.


In April, Kevin and I went to Saint George with our friends Brock, Brooke, and their cute kiddos. We drove through a snow storm the entire way from Springville to Cedar City and then right as we got to St. George the sun came out and stayed out for the entire weekend. We were able to go and do a short hike in Leeds, UT and then went and played around on Dixie Rock. There is this really tight slot canyon called “the crack” that everyone shimmied through, but me. The pregnant belly couldn’t fit. I told Kevin that after the baby is born we are going back down there and I’m going to fit through that crack….if I get stuck then I’ll stay wedged there until I lose enough weight to fit. I don’t think he knows I’m really serious about this. : ) It was the perfect “Babymoon” for us, and was our last getaway before our lives change forever.

Case of the Growing Belly

26 weeks

26 weeks

31 weeks

32 weeks

32 weeks

32 weeks

32 weeks

37 weeks

37 weeks