Thursday, May 7, 2009

Only 3 more weeks

I had my 37 week check up this week, and learned I am 50% effaced, but have not started to dilate yet. The baby is at a -2 station. I was a bit disappointed to not be dilated at all, but at least I'm effacing. I'm trying to appreciate the final weeks of this pregnancy and feel guilty when I complain about it. I really have had it easy. I love feeling his movements, even when his hiccups keep me awake at night, or when I feel like he is pushing against my skin so hard that he may actually thrash his way out of me. I love talking to him when no one else is around. I'm constantly praying for his well being. I'm feeling really great for being this far along, but am growing more and more anxious to meet him. I’m consumed with how life will be in a few weeks from now, and I love to just stand in the nursery and look at all of the baby stuff. I day dream about holding him, dressing him, feeding him, rocking him and even changing all of those inevitable diapers. It's amazing how much I already love him.


Jessica said...

Jess, I am touched! I am so happy and excited for you!

Laura A said...

Jess, don't worry - I was barely effaced at all and only barely dilated to a 1 two days before I delivered Lilia. I really think there's no way of knowing before hand! You're going to be such a great mama - I don't think I thought about it as much as you do. I was more freaked out I think!