Thursday, May 7, 2009


In April, Kevin and I went to Saint George with our friends Brock, Brooke, and their cute kiddos. We drove through a snow storm the entire way from Springville to Cedar City and then right as we got to St. George the sun came out and stayed out for the entire weekend. We were able to go and do a short hike in Leeds, UT and then went and played around on Dixie Rock. There is this really tight slot canyon called “the crack” that everyone shimmied through, but me. The pregnant belly couldn’t fit. I told Kevin that after the baby is born we are going back down there and I’m going to fit through that crack….if I get stuck then I’ll stay wedged there until I lose enough weight to fit. I don’t think he knows I’m really serious about this. : ) It was the perfect “Babymoon” for us, and was our last getaway before our lives change forever.

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