Friday, March 31, 2006

So is Life

I didn’t run in the race, but controlled my disappointment by going and shooting skeet with my wonderful brother-in-law, Clark, who came to visit. My back was fussing at me pretty loudly when I got home, so I popped some pills the kind doctor prescribed and spent the rest of the day fixing fence. Although Jake found me pretty entertaining as I attempted to hammer nails while on drugs, I paid for it with horrible pain the following day. (My back seems to be fine now.)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Perseverance? I don't think it's in the cards....

So I really want to run the 5K on Saturday, but the closer the race gets the farther I am from being ready. Besides being extremely sore from a long weekend boarding, I have a strained calf muscle, shin splints, and now my back. Last night was the second time in the last 6 months that I had to call a roommate to come help me off of the living room floor because I couldn't move. The first time I was doing headstands into handstands and my neck gave out leaving me temporarily paralyzed and in a neck brace for over a week. The second time, last night, I merely leaned forward to rewind a movie and I felt like I got stabbed in the back. Many muscle relaxers and one unproductive day at work back still hurts.
FOUR DAYS till my race!!!!!

Roomates & friends

Monday, March 20, 2006

Riding on powder makes me giggle.

Jenny and I skipped our Red Rocks trip and opted to take a vacation in SLC instead. Why drive hours when we have such a magnificent playground right here in our own backyard. It was a great weekend of snowboarding! I’ve never had so much fun or seen so much powder! It felt so great soaking in the hot tub when we got off the mountain.
Returning to work was less than exciting, but my “goggle (singular) tan” and aching body take me back to the top of Snowbird and all the fun times had.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Good Night!

When my eyes are closed and I’m tucked under my covers, I am dancing on mountain tops, riding bareback through hay fields, and sitting on a porch swing with someone I love. Every morning when I open my eyes, the mountain tops are far away, the hay fields are full of houses, and I am alone. I endure each day so I can once again return to my bed, close my eyes, and visit my sweetest memories.

My tired thoughts

I'm really tired, but after 12 hours at work, I wanted to jot down some of my thoughts. My weekend plans of going down to Red Rock Canyon in NV look like they are never going to "materialize." Who would have thought that you'd have to worry about rain/snow in NV during your Spring Break (alright Jenny's spring break...I don't get those anymore). As I sat in my cubicle today I kept thinking about all the fun and exciting places I could go and work this summer, but I know reality is that I will spend the entire summer cooped up inside the office training obnoxious extroverted real estate agents how to perform basic computer functions. I should not complain, it is my choice. I'm really starting to learn about the nature of choices. We are never acted upon unless we allow it. We always have the freedom to choose, even if it is choosing how to deal with uncontrollable factors.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Interesting...very interesting

My horoscope today is right on if I don't say so myself (a little dramatic but oh well)...If you don't understand, then I haven't talked to you lately.

"You're a rock -- the sturdy, steady heart of your family, just like the Sun is the heart-center of our little corner of the galaxy. So now, when someone you love has something on their mind that they don't feel comfortable sharing with just anyone, they'll be absolutely sure to come to you first -- and you'll be just as sure to go all out to help keep them on track"


Trying to get ready for a 5K run shouldn't be very hard, but sometimes things don't run smoothly (pun intended). It will just make finishing the race even more enjoyable I guess.

2 weeks and 3 days until race day!