Monday, February 20, 2012

Cory's First "Movie Theater" Movie

Cory and I just got home from a fun outing. It is Presidents Day and I have the day off but unfortunately Kevin doesn't. I decided Cory is finally old enough (33 months) to attempt a movie at the theater. I chose Puss in Boots, because I thought he would love the action. We went to the Spanish Fork theater and only paid $3 for my ticket (he was free). Before we went I let him watch the trailer, we looked up pictures of movie theaters, and talked about movie theater etiquette. I let him dress up like "Puss in Boots" and away we went! 
He did so well. He sat there the entire time, but would ask a lot of questions: "What's going to happen?" "Where did he go?" "What happened to his boots?" "Where are they going?" etc... He loved the movie and felt like such a big boy.

All dressed up and ready to go.

Just a little guy!

He was so excited!

After the movie, posing with the poster

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hollywood Studios

We spent our last day visiting Hollywood Studios, which is my favorite park. We hung with Cory and Martha's family in the morning and were able to accomplish so much in just 2 hours. We were waiting at the gates when they opened and raced straight to Toy Story Mania. We grabbed fast passes and then walked right on. It was such a great ride! We then headed over to Rockin' Roller Coaster, but Cory was too short and I was too pregnant to join him. Next, Kevin hit up The Tower of Terror while Cory D and I joined Martha and Cory's family for the Little Mermaid show (which was excellent!). After that we all went and used our fast passes to walk right back on Toy Story Mania. We hit all the "long line" rides in the park and didn't have to wait for any of them. We definitely did it right! 
We all met back up to enjoy more rides, shows and lunch. By the 3pm Pixar Parade Cory was wiped out. After 3 days in the parks, he FINALLY fell asleep in his stroller. I was so relieved, but also a little sad that he slept through the entire parade. However, he woke up a happy boy and we were able to watch the Disney Junior show and he loved seeing the Jake and the Neverland Pirates gang. 
We made it back to the house in time to eat dinner and watch the Super Bowl (and for me to pack). The bad news was that the upstairs air conditioner was broken when we got home and it was like 80 degrees. Yuck. It eventually cooled down in the night and wasn't that big of a deal, thank goodness. We had a wonderful trip and made a ton of memories with each other and with my family. I'm ready to do it again... say in 3 years?  

Cory D after the Little Mermaid show with the Flounder and Sebastian Uncle Cory bought him.

Toy Story Mania ~ Harlie Ann and Cory

Papa and the boys

Papa, Ben and Cory

Davey Jones' Organ

Cameron and Cory

Allie Pie and Martha

Cory and Mama

Cory and Kevin at the Stunt Show
Art and Diane

Lexi and Hailey

The stroller brigade

Cooling off with a Mickey Bar

Silly Heather and Dawson

Sleeping during the parade, still holding onto his toys. 

After his "nap" at the Disney Junior show
Cory with Jake

This is about when Dad started saying lets go watch the Super Bowl. 

Animal Kingdom and Epcot

This day was the "hardest" because everyone was over-tired and cranky. Cory's face and neck were completely broken out. He had reached a new level of exhaustion that he had never experienced before. I was wiped out and sore from the day before. Even with all of that said... we did a lot of really fun stuff!
We started the day off at Animal Kingdom, but decided at lunch our family needed a nap so we went back to the house for naps. It was the best choice ever. We finished the day at Epcot and were able to happily do our favorite stuff at each park.
Kevin's favorite: Expedition Everest
Jessica's favorite: Expedition Everest
Cory's favorite: Nemo

Cory's rash. His eyes were swollen so I told him to open them big for the picture and this is what I got.

In line for the Safari

Harlie Ann and Jeremy

Kevin and Cory on the Safari

Cory loved meeting Pluto and Goofy

Cory and Landon ready for Epcot

Our silly picture taken in the Epcot ball

Cory LOVED the Nemo ride. He "swam" the entire time.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Magic Kingdom

We had a near perfect day at the Magic Kingdom. We woke up excited to go and got to the park first thing. Being all pregnant and emotional I actually got teary eyed as we walked into the park and raced towards Pirates of the Caribbean. I know it sounds dumb but I was so happy to be there that I was on the verge of loosing it. Hormones. Sheesh.
Cory rode on Pirates and the Haunted Mansion with his Papa Whitesell. Cory has been talking about those two rides for over 2 months and was excited for Papa to get "scared" when the bones jumped up in the Haunted Mansion.
Kevin's Favorite: Space Mountain
Jessica's Favorite: Splash Mountain
Cory's Favorite: Meeting Jessie and Woody

On the ferry

Aladdin's Magic Carpets

Allie Pie and Martha

Rob, Heather and Dawson

So much fun!
Driving a boat after the Jungle Cruise

Papa and G-Ma ready to take everyone on Pirates

Pirates of the Caribbean 

Meeting Jessie and Woody was the highlight of Cory's trip.

He was in heaven!

In line for the Haunted Mansion
Cory, Martha and kids

The kids had almost as much fun in line as on the ride.

Harlie Ann

In line for "A Small World"

It's A Small World After All

Wow! Cory's first Mickey ice-cream bar was a hit.

Buzz Light Year

So funny!

I put sun screen on Cory's face, neck and arms and by late morning, I noticed he was getting red on one cheek. By the end of the day he was totally broken out on his entire face and neck area. He woke up the next morning with swollen eyes and a puffy face. It took until our last day in FL for him to finally clear up. I felt terrible that in trying to take care of him, I actually was the cause of him having such a terrible reaction. It didn't put too much of a damper on our fun though! Animal Kingdom and Epcot are coming up next!