Friday, February 10, 2012

SC Trip Day 10

Today was our last day in Rock Hill and was bitter sweet. I was sad that my time at "home" was over, but was very excited to meet Kevin in Orlando for 3 days of Disney parks.
Laurie and Lainee came over in the morning to visit and play, and then Cory and I went outside to say our good-byes to all of the animals.
Tonight we went and played and Manchester Park on the playground with some of the cousins. Aimee went over to help Cory climb up a more difficult part and discovered that Cory had a "blowout" diaper. All of the eating out and greasy food had caught up with him. I changed him in the trunk of the Suburban, but I didn't have a spare pair of pants to put on him. That didn't stop us from going to Subway for dinner though. I tied my jacket around his waste and away we went. He thought his outfit was pretty cool and enjoyed goofing off with cousins.

Mom and I stayed up late packing and preparing for the Disney trip. I finally went to bed around one, but that machine of a mama stayed up until 5:30am getting things ready. She does so much for others, so that their burdens will be lightened.

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