Sunday, February 5, 2012

SC Trip Day 6

Dawson had to have surgery to replace the tubes in his ears this morning. He has been such a sick little guy and we hope this surgery will help him to be more comfortable. Mom was at the hospital with Heather and him this morning, so Cory and I curled up in Mom and Dad's bed and watched the 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean movie. He also played with this big Confederate chest my dad has, and called it his treasure chest box. He would pretend that Davie Jones' heart was in it (from the pirates movie) and played with it all morning.

Playing with "treasure boxes"
 Martha and Allie Pie came to play just when we were starting to get lonely and bored. Cory thinks Allie Pie is the coolest and wants to be right with her. After lunch and naps, Emily brought her sweet baby Welles over for me to meet for the first time. She is so beautiful and sweet. Aunt Jo, Melanie (and her kids), and Grandma-Great also came over and visited for awhile. It was good to see all of them! Grandma-Great gave Cory this little Zhu Zhu pet hamster named Jinx, which he loves.

JoLynn and baby Welles

Emily and me

Landon reading "Tip" to Cory

Grandma-Great, Welles and me

Landon, Grandma-Great, Welles, me and Cory
 For dinner we ate at Panera Bread with Mom, Dad and Aimee's family. Cory was a bit squirrely, so we weren't able to stay and visit very long. Mom bought a bag of cookies for the kids, and faster than anyone could stop him, Cory grabbed the stack of them and bit through them all. It was funny watching G-Ma scramble to save the cookies. He is such a funny and fast little boy.

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