Thursday, February 2, 2012

SC Trip Day 2 and 3

Day 2:
This morning my friend Laurina and sister-in-law Martha brought their girls over to play with Cory while we visited. The kids played perfectly together and it was fun to see Cory hold and love on Laurina's 3 month old baby. It was exciting to see him holding a baby, but it also is a reality check for what we have in our future. It is still hard to believe that Cory will have a baby brother.
Cory holding Laurina's baby

Cory asked his uncle Jeremy (very sweetly) to take him outside (the weather is nasty- foggy and drizzling rain). Jeremy was a good uncle and took him for a four-wheeler ride around the muddy farm. After his outing with Jeremy, Cory and I went to lunch with my mom, dad and some other extended family. Cory wasn't as outgoing as he usually is. He was getting tired, but his great-aunt Jeanie won him over with some fruit snacks and a cookie.

Day 3:
Oh no. It's already day 3 and the time is flying by. So many people to see and memories to make. There is never enough time! Cory is sleeping like a champ in the movie room. It is really dark in there and I think he likes that. I took him to my friend Laurina's house to play this morning and then came home to finally get to see my brother Jason, sis-in-law Laurie and niece Lainee. Cory and Lainee played so well together and he is eating up all of this sociality!
Mom and I cooked a yummy dinner and I'm looking forward to spending some more time with her. (We were irresponsible last night and stayed up until 1am talking and giggling. So worth being tired today though!)
Grandpa Whitesell took Cory and Landon on a golf cart ride around the farm and fed the cows some bread. Cory was more interested in stomping in the mud than feeding the cows, and was a happy muddy mess before long.

Papa Whitesell taking Cory and Landon for a ride

Feeding the cows

Loving stomping in the mud
Muddy boy

After a big dinner, a bunch of Cory's cousins came and they played until late. He was in heaven! I didn't get him in bed until after 9pm, but he was having so much fun I just couldn't bring myself to go put him down.

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Kevin and Tiffany Hanson said...

I am SO glad you are having a great time! I do miss you though!!! And now comes the anticipated trip to Florida...I am SO jealous! I hope you have a fabulous remainder of your trip. See you in a few days...and I am sure they will also go way too fast!