Thursday, February 2, 2012

SC Trip Day 4 and 5

Day 4: Cory wanted to sleep in the crib in my room last night, which I loved, because I actually slept deeply and wasn't worrying about him all night. We were pretty lazy this morning after a wild night last night, but did make it to McCalisters Deli (one of my favorites) for lunch with Heather, Dawson, Mom and Dad.
Aimee had us over for a delicious dinner at her beautiful new home. Cory was so excited to play with the kids and their toys. Aimee sent him home with an icecream cone which was the perfect way to end a fun day.

Natalie and me

Cory, Nicholas and Camille

Blake and me

Day 5:
The late nights talking to mom and the early mornings with Cory have finally taken their toll on me. I was exhaused today and ended up wasting the morning laying on the couch. I guess you can only push a pregnant body so far with no sleep before it says enough is enough. Luckily, after Cory's nap I was ready to go. Mom and I took Cory and Dawson outside to play. The weather has gotten really nice and the temperatures are in the 60s. Grandpa Whitesell took the boys on a tractor ride and let them "help" give the cows a round bale of hay and feed the chickens.
G-Ma, Cory and Dawson

Cory (2 1/2) and Dawson (1 1/2)

Riding in Papa's truck

Driving Papa's tractor
 Then we went to get Dawson's haircut. He has long curly blonde hair that was getting out of control. He was not happy about it! Next, we went to a fun park at Manchester to let the kids play, and I think that was the most fun Cory has had on the trip so far. He played with Heather and Martha's kids and didn't stop running the entire time.

Dawson getting a haircut

Sad boy
That night for dinner Cory and I ate at Shrimp Boat with: Mom, Dad, Heather and her kids, Jeremy and Jessica Blue. One of the waitresses I use to work with came over and gave me a hug, and it was fun to watch Cory ask for a hug too. He is so social and anywhere he goes, he wants to meet the people around us.

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