Thursday, February 16, 2012

Animal Kingdom and Epcot

This day was the "hardest" because everyone was over-tired and cranky. Cory's face and neck were completely broken out. He had reached a new level of exhaustion that he had never experienced before. I was wiped out and sore from the day before. Even with all of that said... we did a lot of really fun stuff!
We started the day off at Animal Kingdom, but decided at lunch our family needed a nap so we went back to the house for naps. It was the best choice ever. We finished the day at Epcot and were able to happily do our favorite stuff at each park.
Kevin's favorite: Expedition Everest
Jessica's favorite: Expedition Everest
Cory's favorite: Nemo

Cory's rash. His eyes were swollen so I told him to open them big for the picture and this is what I got.

In line for the Safari

Harlie Ann and Jeremy

Kevin and Cory on the Safari

Cory loved meeting Pluto and Goofy

Cory and Landon ready for Epcot

Our silly picture taken in the Epcot ball

Cory LOVED the Nemo ride. He "swam" the entire time.

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