Monday, February 6, 2012

SC Trip Day 8

We made it to church Sunday morning and I really like sitting in the chapel I grew up attending. I have a lot of great memories in the Rock Hill LDS building and it really feels like coming home. Although there are many new faces, there is always an abundance of familiar faces happy to see me. After the sacrament meeting we stayed in the foyer talking and visiting with people. Cory and his 2nd cousin Elliot played with each other and shared some snacks, while I caught up with family and friends.
After church, family congrated for dinner at Mom and Dad's. Mom was kind enough to put Cory to bed for me so I could go for a long overdue girls night.
Rachel and I went over to Blue's house for a night of belly laughing and catching up. I love those girls so much and was so happy to be with them. Blue has a boxer that I'm in love with, and I was eating up all the cuddle time I got with him. I ended up staying until after midnight, and even then it was hard to leave knowing it will be a long time before we get to do it again.

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