Monday, June 24, 2013

SC trip continued

Traveling with children is no easy feat. These days with epiderals and such, I think childbirth is actually easier than flying across country with my two kiddos. I started packing days in advance. When I went to pack Cory, I realized he already had it covered:
 We took red-eye flights and they were rough. I thought the kids would sleep, but I don't know what I was thinking. My kids hardly sleep in their dark rooms with their fans, security blankets, sippy cups etc. (The no sleep trend continued the entire trip, but that is nothing new.)
Once we made it to SC, we spent a couple hours at my parents house and then drove the 4+ hours to the beach.
Cory holding one of the "presents" I gave him on the plane:
Mason was glad to be out of his carseat:
 We made it!
 Grandma playing a game with Cory:

 Mason's first trip to Bojangles:

 My dad trying to feed Mason his first gravy biscuit.

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