Sunday, June 23, 2013

Beach Trip 2013

This year's beach trip was the BEST ever. I thought a lot about what made this year so perfect to me, and I think this year I appreciated our time together in a more meaningful way. Dad's cancer diagnosis really helped me to see how precious our time is together. These feelings carried over to each member of my family. I was much more present and quicker to overlook the challenges of the trip. I also loved seeing my boys have so much fun playing. They both loved the beach and the water.
Cory went out into the ocean with the adults a couple times. Uncle Jason held him and it was really sweet to watch Cory fully trust him; they definitely bonded. Mason loved playing in the sand and sucking on sea shells.
We played some volleyball and football, which was really fun to do with all of my family. I have a vivid memory of my dad and me catching the same wave on our boogie boards. We rode it all the way in and I remember looking over and seeing his great big smile, knowing mine matched. I never want to forget how happy I felt in that moment.

View from the back of the house:
Such a pretty house this year:
Fun in the pool:
 I love these handsome guys.

Cory wore himself out and took a rest in a hole.
 Just like in years past, we do plenty of relaxing.

 Football showdown 2013:
        Crabbin' off the dock was a big hit:

 Martha snuggling Mason:
 I love this series of pictures of Cory. They really show how much fun he was having.


Mason was busy having his own fun:

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