Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kevin's 34th Birthday

Kevin and I have had numerous conversations about how we feel like we have aged so much since having kids. It's as if there's some weird aging trigger that gets set off when you become a parent. Anyone else experience this??? Well.... what better way to feel young on your birthday than to take the entire family to Texas Roadhouse and embarrass Kevin by making him sit on a saddle (Having the entire restaurant stare at you is fun right?) We finished the day off with some chocolate cake (Kevin's favorite) and BYU Creamery ice cream. 

Cupcakes and cakebites from The Sweet Tooth Fairy

Dinner at Texas Roadhouse

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Kevin and Tiffany Hanson said...

Looks like fun...I think we need to take a trip to Texas Roadhouse again soon! Love that place. Hope Kevin had a good birthday. Oh and yes..since having a baby...we feel much older...crazy!!!