Monday, November 26, 2012

Run Mama Run!

Before I had Mason, I ran a few 5ks and used running as a cheap way to exercise. It started as a last resort way to get a work out in without a gym membership, but it turned into something I enjoyed. I started walk/jogging when Mason was 5wks old and have been semi-consistent since. I ran my first post-baby 5k the Saturday before Thanksgiving and it was my favorite race ever. I was minutes off of my fastest time, but I didn't go into it trying to PR. I ran the same slow pace (each split was within 5 seconds of each other) the entire race and had an amazing play list on my iPod. This particular race was to build awareness of the dangers of smoking and to support those who have quit and are trying to quit. They had signs up all around the course with facts on smoking. As I ran, I was a wee bit emotional with gratitude for my healthy body and that I am able to run. I've worked for years to get to where I am with running. Although it's nothing to brag about (I'm really slow), I feel a deep sense of accomplishment. I will always remember my first "runs" where a mile seemed impossible and now 3 miles seems pretty easy. I'm proud of my progress.
My goal is to increase my speed back up to where it was before pregnancy, and to break through my 6 mile mental block. I would love to run a 10k one day... like next year. I guess I better get to work. : )

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