Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Breaking Dawn Pt. 2

I love the Twilight series of books and have read them numerous times. I realize that they aren't these deep or inspiring books that make you smarter or better, but they are perfect for me when I want an escape. The movies have gotten progressively more tolerable; however, I LOVED Breaking Dawn Pt 2.
The big news here isn't about the actual movie, but is about who I went to the movie with.

These two smiling faces! Mason and Cousin Sara (visiting from BYU-I)

I still can't believe I did it...I have always been judgmental of those who take their babies to movies. (Get a babysitter for crying out loud!!) But as I often do in this role of parenthood, I ate my words. Mason won't take a bottle and I REALLY wanted to see this movie. Then again, Mason just isn't any baby. He is basically a perfect baby (besides the not taking a bottle deal) and he didn't disappoint at the movie theater either. He sat on my lap for the first part of the movie and quietly watched, and then I put him in his carrier and he slept through the second half. The only time he made a peep was when the audience laughed - he thought he better giggle too.

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