Friday, November 23, 2012

Gobble Gobble

I'm all about being thankful, but I've never been a big lover of Thanksgiving. I'm not a fan of the food (Sorry but it's true... I don't love pie, cranberry sauce or stuffing.) and until they make chocolate chip cookies and ice-cream a staple at Thanksgiving I don't know if I'll ever love it. With that said, this was one of my favorite Thanksgivings. Maybe it was because I have the cutest boys in the universe? Maybe it was because I baked chocolate chip cookies and brought them as part of of my food contribution? Who knows. :)

In SC my family has a tradition of shooting on Thanksgiving morning. I've tried to bring that tradition with me and we had a lot of fun.

Trisha and Cory

Trisha working the holster.

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