Saturday, May 4, 2013

Best 24 hours ever

We've had a pretty awesome day. Kevin worked like a billion hours this week and so we were really missing him by last night. He came home from work after the kids were in bed, but came bearing gifts: Large Oreo Blast from Sonic and Pitch Perfect from Redbox. It was a much needed "date".
All day today we've been quoting Pitch Perfect and cracking ourselves up, so I apologize for any movie references to follow.
This morning I went on a 9 mile run, which is the longest these legs have ever taken me. The weather was beautiful and I'm finally at a point where a half marathon is in reach. I've spent the rest of the day feeling pretty awesome.

Next we headed up to Hogle Zoo in SLC for a family outing. The weather was perfect and the boys had a great time. Cory was really into the bats and the monkeys, especially the monkey that scratched his rear-end for like 5 minutes. I love that boy.
Mason really liked standing against the seal's tank and watching them swim. He felt so big. He did not fuss or complain the entire time we were there.

Cory checking out the gorilla skull

Mason and this gorilla have the same body type.

Three Birds in an eagle nest

Checking out the giraffes

We had dinner at the Brick Oven in Provo and it was so yummy. The service was better than ever. I ate ever single calorie I burned earlier in the day and more. Oops. Mason was in love with the pasta, and we could not believe how much food that kid put away. I know he looks like he eats a lot, but he really doesn't (usually). The manager came by to check on us and Mason turned on his charm. Somehow that little stinker convinced her to give him a sucker (his first) and we could not pry that dang thing out of his little chubby hands.

Somehow Cory convinced us to end our day at the "pirate ship" park in Provo.  The kids are now in bed and I'm about to go ice my knee and then hit the hay. I loved this day, but I am about to pass out from all of the fun.

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