Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What do you do when it's over 90 degrees?

We decided to find some water to play in since it was getting pretty warm out. I love the hike up past the Power House Dam. I don't know what you call the canyon or water fall, but it's a must do if you're ever in Moab. At the trail head we had a nice view of some rock crawlers. It was fun to watch.

We were so hot when we finally reached our destination, and it felt good to get in the water.

 Mason is teething and tried putting everything in his mouth, including this slimy rock. That is algae all over his face.
 This is a fun action shot. Cory was a rock throwing machine.

 We were pretty gross by the end of the day, so we decided to go to the low key Moab Diner. I had the smothered burrito with their signature green chili sauce. It was so good. Kevin got the chicken fried chicken and also had good things to say about the food.
 We camped at the Riverside Oasis. The camp spots are grass, which made it very kid friendly. It boarders the Colorado River on the north side of town. The bathrooms were clean and we were pleased with everything. The only negatives I could mention would be that our friends did have a bad experience with an employee on a power trip, and you are right on the main road so there is road noise.  I'd definitely stay there again. The grass and shade were unbeatable.
 Isn't Mason the cutest little camper ever! He loved crawling all over the tent.
Before heading home, we had a picnic lunch with our friends at the Moab Rotary Park. It was an awesome park and had fun instruments that you could play, with lots of shade trees (priceless in Moab).

 Pit stop on the way home~ We found a very ghetto Mystery Machine and Lightning McQueen. Of course they were a hit with Cory.

 We were all exhausted by day 3. The kids fell asleep right after we stopped at the I-70 junction and slept almost the whole way home. 

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