Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Very impulsive trip to Moab

Kevin got home from work early on Friday and then my friend Jen called and invited us to go to Moab for Memorial Day weekend. I took a couple hours to get all of our stuff packed and in the trunk, but it was fun to be so impulsive. We made packing fun.

 The drive down was a bit long, but it may because we kept stopping for things like hamburgers and ice cream cones. Cory had never had one bite of sugar when he turned one. I know because Aunt Holly tried to put icing in his mouth at his birthday party and he made a strange face and shuddered. Mason on the other hand, has become quite the pro at eating an entire McDonald's ice cream cone by his onesies. I'm guessing my parenting will be all down hill from here.
 The only picture of me looking somewhat normal. Camping for 2 nights left me looking very haggard.
I took a bunch of pictures, so I'll break this post up into a couple.

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