Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Cory Boy!

I tried really hard to make Cory's day special and do it on a budget. By 7pm, the night of his birthday, Kevin and I looked at each other and said "Success!" He really had a day perfect for him. When he went to bed on "birthday eve" Kevin and I filled his room with balloons (This was a bad idea because he woke up at like midnight and saw them. He was so excited for his birthday, that I don't think he slept much after that.)
First thing when he woke up, he ran to the kitchen table to check out his presents. He's been asking (begging) for a hamster or a mouse. He looked his gifts over, analyzing their shapes, and the said seriously to Kevin, "Dad. We need to say a prayer." He continued to pray that he would have a good birthday, that he would be happy, that he would get a hamster, and that the hamster would be OK." He must have come to the conclusion that none of the presents were shaped like a hamster cage, and if there was a hamster in one of the packages, he was going to need our prayers to survive being wrapped.  
Cory and I made a homemade pinata out of a shoe box, tissue paper and Spider Man mask.

I made Cory this "Pin the mask on the super hero" game. He thought it was pretty cool. (So did I.)

Isn't he the most handsome little 4 year old ever!

This picture doesn't show it, but these 7 children somehow managed to make the biggest mess. Every one of them was covered in icing.

Cory and I must be super human pinata builders because I couldn't even bust Spiderman open. I eventually just pulled it apart with my hand and flung candy all of the yard.

Cory's favorite presents were the new bones pajamas and Hotel Transylvania movie.
Later in the day (when Kevin got off of work) we loaded up and headed to Chuck E Cheese and dinner at Brick Oven. Cory fell asleep in the car, but perked right up when we woke him up in the Chuck E Cheese parking lot. 
I think the adults had more fun that the kids. Mom and Dad Bird, and Kelly joined us for some fun.
Handsome Birthday Boy!
Mason was having a pretty great time too!

All in all it was a great birthday. I still can't believe he's four. I love my funny little Cory Boy so much!

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Katie said...

Such a fun birthday celebration! I didn't know you had a blog, but you are really good at it! You're such a good mom!