Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer Lovin'

We try to go on at least one outside adventure a day, and luckily the weather has cooperated. It's been beautiful. Cory and Mason love going to parks, the splash pad, and to friends' houses. 
 Kings of the splash pad. 
Mason crawled around so much that the tops of his feet were raw when we left. I felt terrible and have since bought him some little water sandals to protect those muffin feet.

 I took Cory on a little date the other afternoon and it made me realize how important "one on one" time is. I had so much fun with this little guy and I'd like to think I wasn't bad company either.

 Our family's favorite weekend treat is to go out to dinner at Costa Vida in Spanish Fork and then head over to the park. We don't do it often so if feels extra special.
This picture cracks me up. Cory looks totally squished.

 I know this picture is random, but I had to include it. Kevin was trying to get Mason to sleep during sunday school and this was the result. Tired daddy.
 I'm sporting the blonde summer hair these days and I'm loving it. No "fixin'" necessary.
 Mason is changing so much right now. He's really growing up and learning to communicate (I'm amazed at how effective his screaming is at getting him what he wants. Sheesh.)

 Mason's first time in our sandbox was an adventure. He was putting fistfuls of sand in his mouth. It was so gross. He is going to love the beach. We had to follow up the sand play with a bath in the sink. He thought it was awesome, and I did too, until he learned he could splash and get a fun reaction out of me.

 This is what happens when you leave the baby food within his reach and then turn your back for a split second. Goodness, I feel like I spend half of my day cleaning up after this little guy.

These next two picture were taken about 30 minutes after I finished sweeping and mopping my house. The floors were pristine, so he decided to dump a box of bran all over. He was too proud of himself for me to be bugged.

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