Friday, February 22, 2013

It's Summer in Argentina

We had 2 days where the snow actually melted out of the yard and the sun was shining. I told Cory to get bundled up because we were going for a run. Who cares that the high was only 35. It seemed like a great idea, but in actuality... I jumped the gun. The snow was still piled up on the side walks in places and it was probably too cold to have a baby out (At least by South Carolina standards. People in Utah are currently sending their kids outside to play in t-shirts and bare feet. True story... I saw it the day these pictures were taken.)

 It snowed the day after this outing and dashed all of my spring time dreams. I'm now taking the shopping therapy approach to winter and buying summer clothes for my kiddos. Isn't this jumper cute?

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Darah said...

I can not wait for Summer. It needs to get here now! I love kids clothes too!