Monday, February 4, 2013


Cory calls zombies ~ buzzombies, and let's just say Christmas through January was full of buzzombie sightings. We all took turns being sick. I felt myself fighting stuff all month long and then 24 hours before it was time to jump on a plane with the boys I succumbed.  

Check out this sweet buzzombie. I hope you aren't eating lunch while viewing this snotty picture. My apologies if you are.
 Between the oppressive cold weather, the terrible air quality and our germ fest, we spent way too much time inside. Mason didn't seem to mind, but Cory and I were ready to be put in the looney bin. We coped by watching lots of Looney Toons and eating our weight in Jelly Bellies (Thank you Grandma Thatcher for the 4lb jar of them.).
 Cory took this picture of me. Evidence that I spent way too much time in my pjs and glasses, drinking smoothies and surfing the net. (Do people still say "surfing the net"?)
 Cuddling my happy bones boy.

Our trip to SC came at just the right time. We arrived in SC around midnight, so I headed to urgent care first thing the next morning.
 Diagnosis: Double ear infections, infected tonsils, upper respiratory infection, and to top it off I got an eye infection. Lovely.
Flying across the country with a 3 year old and a baby while really sick wasn't as bad as you may imagine. We survived and I was SO relieved to have my mama take care of me. 
Now this beauty of a picture sums up how I looked half the time I was in SC. At least hobo Jess has pretty highlights in her hair and is kind enough to share her germs with her little brother. I love how you can see Jeremy practically holding his breath in this picture.

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JBlue said...

You look just like your Mom in that picutre with Cory! Beautiful!