Friday, February 22, 2013

Spinach cubes and my new favorite cereal

Cory and I drink A LOT of smoothies, even in the winter. I have to share this novel idea I came across on Pinterest.
 Frozen spinach cubes
 I love it!! I buy my spinach in bulk from Sams. Now I blend it all up with some water and then freeze it. It takes up less fridge space and now I'll never waste any greens again! Whoo hoo.

 While I'm boring you with pictures of food.... I have to share my new favorite kids cereal. I just discovered that Post makes a kids cereal called "C is for Cereal". It tastes good and only has 1g of sugar per 1 cup serving. Impressive right?

Mason thinks it's pretty delicious and wants Post to make him the new face of this awesome cereal. Do you see his Elmo impression? Spot on.
All that healthy talk wears me out. Maybe today will be the day I buy the 36oz bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs from Sams Club. I'll probably end up eating 36oz of them before Easter anyway. May as well buy them in bulk and save a few bucks. Right?


Darah said...

BEST IDEA Jess! I buy spinach in bulk from Costco and hate that it gets old so fast! Going to try this! Ummm and pin it too:-)

JBlue said...

Jess, you are such a great Mommy!! Can I come live with you?? So what do you do with the Spinach cubes? I buy a small bag and can never finish it before it goes bad. Please enlighten me!

Kevin and Jess said...

I throw a few cubes in my protein smoothies. I wish I had actual recipes written down, but we're more fly by the seat of our pants than that. :)