Friday, February 22, 2013

When the weather outside is frightful....

.....hanging out with your brother is delightful.
I love these two guys so much and love watching their relationship grow. I've already convinced Cory that Mason will always be his best friend, no matter what. They were "wrestling" the other day and then ended up just cuddling on the floor. It was really precious.
 Mason is already giving Cory some grief in the wrestling department. He knows how to use his weight to his advantage. I've moved Mason into size 4 diapers, because the size 3's just weren't containing all of those rolls. They look huge on his short body.
 My little bones boy is getting so big... I can't stand it. His imagination is so fun. Here he is sitting on an "egg" (a ball under a blanket). He couldn't come eat lunch because he was waiting on his egg to hatch.

 We are blessed with friends who pass along their son's clothes and these pjs were included.  I know it may just be me... but I can't stand big kids in footed pajamas. For some reason it just seems so wrong to me. Of course Cory wanted to put them on right away, and I have to admit... I may prefer these over the tattered bones pjs.
 We've been going to our library's Music and Movement class once a week, in an attempt to stay sane. It may be working. Maybe. Cory is a little bored during the music portions, but is totally into the movement activities. If it were up to us there would just be a Movement class available. I mean, why else would a mother drag her children out into the tundra??? We need to get rid of some energy people!

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