Saturday, February 9, 2013

Turn that frown upside down.

I will momentarily whine about my knee pain. I've tried to take rest days and then run, but each time I've made it shorter distances before the knee pain starts and then it hurts to walk down stairs for a day or two. I turned to Dr. Internet for answers and it looks like a classic IT Band injury. I'm discouraged. I'm ticked. I was so excited to start training for my next race (I had my entire 2013 year planned out.). Now I don't know what to do next. For some reason, sitting around sulking and eating Andes Mints isn't making me feel better??? What?
Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's hormones. Who knows. I do know that it's been one of those days (weeks) that I'm having to really focus on the positive. Like how much I love these guys:

It's hard to stay down when I stop and look at these faces.

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