Monday, February 4, 2013

South Carolina January 2013

Since literally half of my trip was spent with me lounging around my parents house sicker than I've been in years, I could write all about the injustices of flying across country to be stuck wasting precious bonding time sitting in isolation. I could also write all about spending 3 months training for a race and getting a dag-gum respiratory virus the week before. I'll spare you all of the negatives, because there were too many wonderful parts about being "home" for 2 weeks to focus on anything but the happy parts.

My Grandma Whitesell met Mason for the first time and nothing makes me happier than sharing my boys with my family. 
 Once people started to get brave enough to face our germs, Cory and Mason spent a lot of time playing with all of their SC cousins.
 This little Harlie Ann will be an awesome mama one day. She LOVES babies and thought Mason was pretty much the coolest little guy ever.
 Another baby lover in the bunch is Landon. How sweet is this picture?!

 Aunt Aimee, Blake and Nicholas helped Cory do this giant puzzle. Cory loved it and posed himself this way for the picture. I think he was trying to show how giant it was.
 Miss Crystal is still hanging in there. She's old and just as snobby as she was 20 years ago. She's great with the kids though. I loved seeing her again.
 This was one of my favorite pictures of the trip. Aren't these two beautiful?
 Martha, Mason and Camille watching the kids beat on the pinata at Lainee's birthday party.

 The sweet birthday girl. We miss SO many important days with family, so it was fun to be there to celebrate her special day.
 Cousin Love
 Karson and Cory 
Watch out Charlie! Cory is trying to steal your woman!
Aunt Aimee gave Cory a skeleton cookie cutter, and he had fun using it with Grandma's play dough.
We were able to go and watch Ben in his soccer tournament. He is a fantastic athlete and won MVP of the championship game.
It wouldn't be a trip home without eating at the Shrimp Boat. I was lucky enough to eat it twice while we were there. Enjoying our dinner with the Childs family~

There is still much more to blog about our trip, but it's time to feed these hungry kids lunch. And after looking at that platter of Shrimp Boat, it may be time for me to round up some grub for myself.

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