Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy moments

 Number one reason why I blog is so that when I'm having a bad day, I can stop and look at all the happy moments. This week has been full of good moments.
Cory and Mason spent time playing in our Buzz Light Year rocket.

 I love Mason's face in this one. He pulls great faces, just like his big brother.

 Cory has been extra snuggly lately. I swear he's grown 3 inches since Christmas.
  I love these two bums. I also love that Mason's is as big as Cory's.
I love making unhealthy things healthy. This week I think I finally perfected my low-calorie, low-sugar, dairy-free mint ice-cream. Check out this happy customer:
 I bought new dish towels. This may have been my happiest moment of all. I had to take a picture of the new next to the old. It was definitely time.
 Mason has learned to protect his eyes from the flash on the camera, so the next few months worth of pictures may look a lot like this one. I'm happy in this picture because I just finished a good non-running workout. I'm missing running more than I expected, but I've accepted that my body needs some time off.
I hope your day is full of happy moments!

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