Sunday, December 23, 2012

Think like a gazelle

I know I have a tendency to get a bit obsessive about things, and to be honest I'm having an episode. I love thinking about my trip to SC and the race I signed up for. The last 2 Saturdays I went for "long" runs and they were AWESOME. One run was in the snow/sleet and the other was after a few days of shin splints and knee pain. I felt like a rock star because I totally went for it when I had a million excuses to skip those long runs. Even if I didn't still have the next 4 weeks to train, I feel like I could finish. I've never had this much confidence and now it's going to my head. I just entered to win an entry into the Utah Valley Half Marathon in June on this blog-  Run Lil' Mama Run
The giveaway ends the 25th, so jump on over to her blog to enter.
Now my mind is trying to process whether or not I really want to win. (Of course I do, but I'm scared of failure.) I use to not believe I could run for 3 miles, and now I'm contemplating 13.1??? I'm always fighting "Negative Jessica" who tells me that I'm not genetically made to run. It's exhausting fighting with her. ;)
Enough about my head space... how about Christmas Eve! Can't wait for tomorrow, when the festivities begin.

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