Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas morning started early with Cory waking up at 3am burning up with fever. Kevin and I basically didn't sleep after that. It made for a long Christmas day, but thankfully the yule tide endorphins and sugar kept us from collapsing. This little guy slept all through the night and didn't wake up until Cory was almost done unwrapping everything.
Sneeky Santa bricked the doorway into the living room. Cory had to knock it down to get to his gifts. 
Santa was really smart this year and was able to obtain some second hand toys to give to my Cory Boy. It helped make Christmas magical, even on a budget.
Mommy and Daddy were good this year, so Santa didn't forget them either. Yes, that is a box of Zipfizz by my stocking. If you don't know about Zipfizz, I'm sorry. It is my secret to being supermom. I only drink it every once in a while, but when I do, I am truly unstoppable.

Whenever anyone asked Cory what he wanted for Christmas, he would reply, "A cage!" Santa had to get creative in his hunt for "a cage" but thankfully found one (thank you Holly).

We ate Christmas dinner at Grandma and Papa Birds, but Cory's fever came back with a vengeance so we dipped out early. I missed my South Carolina family a lot. As happy and as full as my heart was all day, there was still a hole. Throughout the day I would imagine what every one was doing "at home" and hoping they were having a wonderful Christmas too.

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