Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Joy School Christmas Party

Cory is doing Joy School this year, which is a program where a group of moms rotate teaching the kids at their house. The lesson plans are all available online, and it has been perfect for us. Today was the Christmas party and we were both really excited about it.

Even waking up to this winter wonderland didn't dampen our spirits. It did, however, make us 10 minutes late.

A fun activity was "sledding" in the gym. The parents pulled the kids around the gym on sheets, and we may as well have taken them to Disney World.

The kids decorated a sugar cookie, and I'm lucky enough to have a kid who doesn't like cookies so I got to eat it. : ) Cory has so much passion for learning and is always so engaged (except when coloring - too boring for my active little guy.).

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