Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Bird Christmas Eve Party

We had a fun(ny) Christmas Eve. Holly hosted a yummy dinner and cookie decorating fest. Mason was  happy and snuggly as always. How could any one not be smitten by this little angel?

Cookie decorating was obviously a big hit. I especially loved 1 year old Colton icing his cookie. I'm pretty sure he did a better job than me.

Cory ate more cookie toppings than I'd like to admit (which may explain the stomachache at 3am).  How would you tell this sweet face no?

So on to the funny part of the night. Kevin has been helping to sell some of his late-Grandpa Bird's belongings, since the family is trying to sell Grandpa's house. During his visits to Grandpa's patio, he has found lots of "treasures" surely destined for Good Will. He had a vision of wrapping them all up and giving them to his family.  Well, Kevin isn't just a man of vision. He has excellent execution skills. Check out some of these funny gifts:

We laughed and laughed as everyone tore into their presents. Kevin is our hero.

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