Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pig Huntin'

The week of Thanksgiving, Kevin had some time off work and took Cory "hunting" with his Red Ryder BB gun. Cory takes it very seriously. On the way up the canyon they stopped at a gas station, where Cory told the cashier he was going to go hunt mean pigs. Not the nice ones, but the mean ones with horns and red eyes. When he came home he told me they didn't see any, but that they shot a lot of rocks. I love his imagination and enthusiasm.

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Darah said...

Jess, your kids are just too cute and Cory is so big now!! That is awesome that he takes his hunting seriously and I love his imagination. They are definitely fun when they imagine crazy things, but it's also fun to go with it:-) Thank you for the offer on your jet, because I just may take you up on that and bring you with me!