Monday, October 1, 2012

Sneaky Hobbit Friends

My sneaky friends pulled the most fun surprise on me. Blue told me she was coming for a visit and I was so excited!! She was really vague when I was trying to ask her about her plans for the weekend and gave me some story about where she was staying and renting a car. I'm glad I was gullible because it was so fun to meet her at the Cheesecake Factory, only to find these two crazies hiding in the booth. I can't believe how many years it has been since we were all together. We're all a bit more domesticated than in the "glory days" but that didn't stop us from having a fun weekend. We spent time up Provo Canyon at Sundance and Squaw Peak. I came home and told Kevin that I hadn't felt so much like myself in years and how happy I was to spend time with these wonderful gals.

Andrea, Me and Amanda

Mason's face in this one cracks me up!
On the lift at Sundance with Blue
I had to throw in this one of my little chubbers and me. He's too cute not to.
Our engagement photo

The group
Oh we still got it.

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