Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween ~aka Cory's Christmas

Halloween might as well have been Cory's Christmas, birthday, Easter and Valentine's Day all wrapped up into one mega holiday. Cory lives and breathes everything Halloween. He wanted to be a mummy, so we took an old sheet and ripped it up (while quoating Madea..."rrrriipppp it!"). I think making his mummy costume was a highlight for both of us. I will be honest.... by the end of the month I was tired of wrapping and unwrapping Cory's mummy costume; he however, never found it tiring and asked to wear it every day. He did want to just be "bones" for our family Halloween party and I was glad to hear it. On Halloween, we went to the Sweet Tooth Fairy in costume to get free cupcakes, trudged downtown to the city's safe trick or treating (pretty miserable- don't recommend it), attended our church's trunk or treat and carnival, visited a few of our favorite decorated houses, and ended the night by visiting Grandma and Grandpa Thatcher. It was a busy with a capital "B" day!


As we were walking out the door to go trick or treating, Mason decided he needed to have a blowout. I guess he wanted to wear all of his Halloween themed clothes in one night.

Here's Mason waiting on clean clothes. I think he would have been fine staying home and eating chips.

 Cory with his Jack the Pumpkin King pumpkin.

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