Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Nap" Time

After church today I wanted to go see my friend Tiffany and her sweet new baby boy. I put Cory down for a nap and headed down to Payson. After an hour and a half Kevin heard Cory calling for us, so he went in to get him. Cory says, "I wake up!" Kevin looked at his destroyed room and asked Cory what happened. Cory (who was very pleased with himself) said, "I made a mess! Will you take my picture?" The little stinker had taken a brand new roll of toilet paper and ripped it into tiny pieces all over his bed. He then took all of his toys and put them in bed with him. It looked like a tornado had hit his room. The funny part is he did this all silently. 

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Kevin and Tiffany Hanson said...

That's hilarious...thanks for the great laugh!!!