Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cannons and Cory Quotes

When I tried to help Cory say a prayer, he told me, "It's a private prayer."

Cory told me, "Mom, Jesus can get you a wee wee." (I guess he thinks I got shorted.)

Cory meets an older, larger lady and says to her, "You're cute!"

Things Cory has prayed for:
"Please keep mommy and daddy safe from the big bad wolf."
"Thank you for Jesus for teaching us to walk in the light."
"Help us give kids space."
"Help us not poke kids."
"Help Mommy not get frustrated."
"Thank you for bones guy."

One night before bed, Kevin taught Cory about Jesus being in the tomb for three days and then being resurrected. Kevin then explained how because Jesus was resurrected, we can be resurrected too. Well, Cory then said our family prayer and prayed that Mommy, Daddy, Moroni, Ammon and Bones Guy can be resurrected. We were cracking up. (Bones Guy is a skeleton Halloween decoration that Cory plays with and adores.)


Heather Jones said...

So adorable!

JBlue said...

Oh my goodness!! Those are some good ones!! Hilarious!! Love his honesty!!