Friday, July 26, 2013

Pioneer Day

Pioneer day started out like any other day, until..... Cory won a bike at the Mapleton's Pioneer Day celebration. Grandma Bird put Cory's name in the 4 year old bike drawing and that lucky little dude was the first name they announced as a winner. 

Watching the helicopter drop the ping pong balls:
It turns out that Cory is quite the little stage performer. Give this kid a microphone and he will turn on the personality. The dj guy asked him his name and Cory responded, "Cory Dee Bird!!!" Then the dj asked him how old he was. Cory yelled, "3...4...5,6,7, 11.... (and then Kevin pulled him away from the mic). Everybody laughed, and Cory asked us over and over if we heard everyone laugh at him. He was pretty proud that he got a response out of the crowd.

Cory had first choice of all of the bikes, and he chose this red "Rocket" bike.

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