Monday, July 22, 2013

Bird Family trip to Bryce

I was nervous we were going to completely melt going to Bryce in July, but it turned out to be a fantastic trip. We stayed in the cutest little cabins in Tropic (thank you Mom and Dad Bird!). The weather was overcast and comfortable and the 2 times it sprinkled, we were having down time back at the cabins. The kids loved playing on the playground and feeding the animals. We were able to do a couple hikes and stopped at tons of lookouts. Cory enjoyed riding in the van with Mike and Megan. 
A little while after we had visited a gift shop, we realized Mason had shoplifted a rock. It was pretty funny. We returned it and Grandma bought all of the kids a couple rocks.  Cory was a hiking machine. He amazes us with how much endurance he has for such a little guy. Mason loved being in the backpack and was really content. 

Bryce Country Cabins:
Cory enjoyed getting out at the overlooks with his cousins.
 Mama Bird and me
 Party Wagon!

 I love these two boys.

 The three Bird brothers:

 The Garcia clan:

 The Navajo Loop Trail was the longest and most difficult hike we did. Luckily it was absolutely gorgeous and completely worth every step!

 These two monkeys had so much fun "exploring".

 We goofed off at Ruby's Inn before we headed home.

 This next picture is weird. This is the kind of thing we pull over and take pictures of for our Cory Boy. These folks had skeletons decorating their rusty old tractors.