Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Remnants of 2012

Making gingerbread houses is serious business.
 Cory must want to help me lose some weight. He keeps chaining the fridge shut.
 We did make it to see Santa. Mason wanted Santa's beard big time! It kinda grossed me out but Santa let Mason run his fingers through his silky white beard. (Insert throw up in my mouth here.)
 Cory kept us on our toes with his antics. He is such a little comedian.
 We read lots of Christmas books.
 One day I found Cory sitting like this, staring at Katie and Charlies' wedding announcement. I'm still sad we missed the wedding. He loves them so much and it was sweet to see him admiring their picture.
 My little sickies
 Cory brought this icicle to me the other day. Atleast he's enjoying this freezing weather. I am quite over it.
 Happiest sick baby ever
 Kevin has had a lot of time off and has enjoyed spotting wildlife behind our house.

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