Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013

Well the Bird House is full of sickies. Kevin and Mason succumbed. I've shed a few tears watching my little Mason struggle with a bad cough. He's having a harder time nursing and sleeping. I've spent hours just holding him so he could sleep. It's been sweet but has left me feeling haggard. I tried to start this new year off with a run and ended up bailing after 2 miles. I HATE not finishing and it's going to be hard to not be bitter about it all day. So here I am holding a sick sleeping baby wearing workout clothes hoping to somehow salvage this day. Too much time inside is a recipe for disaster for this mama.
On a happier note. I am the proud new owner of these fancy shoes ~ My second ever pair of running shoes.
They will be replacing these little beauties.

I've been running in my 1st pair of shoes for like 2 years and since my right foot has started to go numb and my shins have been bugging me, I decided I wanted to invest my Christmas money into new kicks.  My race is in 26 days. My mileage is up to 7 miles and I have felt amazing after all of my longer runs. Score.

I said good-bye to 2012 and howdy to 2013 by watching chick flicks. Kevin and I stayed up and rang in the new year by watching Message in a Bottle together. Now that's a tear jerker. I bought this 4 film combo for myself for Christmas.

I've made a slew of resolutions but I won't bore you with all of them. They can basically be represented by these 2 pictures. Less of this:

 And more of this:

 Happy New Year ya'll!

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WonderMom said...

Love Cory's face in the bottom pic! Can't wait to see you guys!!