Sunday, August 5, 2012

Camping in August ~ Jolley's Ranch

We were able to spend a lot of time up Hobble Creek Canyon this summer, and even camped overnight together. Kevin and I wanted to do something for our 5 year anniversary, and even though camping with our kids might not seem that romantic, it was a great way to celebrate our relationship. Mason and I slept in the camp trailer and Cory and Kevin in the tent. Right before bed (it was really late) Cory pushed against the trailer door and fell out face first. Poor little guy landed smack on his face. He was so upset, but eventually calmed down enough to go to sleep. Cory loves sleeping in the tent and even attended his first Fathers and Sons annual church camp-out in August

Cory jumping off of the slide

It was our 5 year wedding anniversary!

First time sleeping in a tent, and so excited!

After Cory's late night face plant

Tired, but happy little boy
His battle scars the next morning

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